Ups and Downs

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Yesterday the Eibach Pro-Spacers for the front end arrived from Lohen, I was pretty excited as this would be the first time in almost three weeks that the car had been back on four wheels and drivable. I gave the brakes another bleed fitted all four wheels and prepared to take the car out on the road, edging the car out of the garage the steering seemed somewhat heavy to say the least. Despite over £400 spent and a day of garage time I had no power steering!

I decided I’d take the car for a short drive anyway to check the brakes out, they aren’t as sharp as I’d like them but they are definitely getting there. The steering was monstrous you’d need arms like Popeye to drive the car any distance like that and I’m glad I didn’t actually experience PAS failure. As if that wasn’t enough I also had the DSC and Run-Flat lights blazing away on the dash, I took the car back home and was feeling pretty fed up.

Today I went back under the car to check out the connections to the power steering pump, fortunately the main power connector wasn’t pushed all the way home (it’s quite a tight fit and has a weather seal too). I fired the engine up and now I had proper steering! A quick quarter an hour in the car told me that I’d solved the strange handling issues caused by the barely legal front tyres that where on the car when I purchased it, the car feels like a MINI now! It’s now full steam ahead for the last weekend of work, bedding the brakes in, an oil change, replacing the broken engine bush, getting the alignment checked and finally fitting the awesome GT Tuning Aero Box Strut Brace!

The engine bay is looking pretty nice already even before the big bling is fitted.

Engine Bay