Phase One Complete

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After another couple of days in the garage I’ve finally completed the first phase of the conversion from road car to something more track focused.

The first job on Saturday morning was to bed the brake pads in, not really an idea job for the public highway but unfortunately there isn’t any other way to do it. The braking performance is now much improved almost to the point that the car feels like it’s pivoting around the front axle, it certainly feels fairly mobile under heavy braking on uneven surfaces (this could also be in indication that the damping simply isn’t up to the job, but that’s part of phase two). After the bedding in process was completed it was off to the local tyre specialist to get the alignment checked out, the car will be having a full track biased geo after the suspension has been replaced, the car is all within specification which is good to hear.

The final addition to the car for phase one was an awesome GT Tuning Aerobox Strut Brace, the machining on the brace is superb it’s almost a crime to hide it under the bonnet.

GTT Aerobox Strut Brace
GTT Strut Brace : Logo
GTT Strut Brace : Close Up

The car is almost ready for it’s track debut on the Brands Hatch GP circuit on the 30th May, I’m heading down to GT Tuning in just over a week for them to complete the engine modifications which should produce a fairly large increase in the power output.