Home Brew Data Logger

My first project for 2017 is to build a data logger for use on track days, over the last couple of years I’ve used a Garmin ViRB Elite camera that provides data via GPS and a built in accelerometer. Although it does provide some basic timing/speed data for comparison it

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R56 GP 2 Diffuser

With the track day season over for another year for all but the bravest (or possibly foolish) drivers I’ve started to think about jobs to be done before the spring comes. With the power upgrades now done I’m looking at making the car quicker through the corners. My plan was

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July Update

I’ve not posted an update for a number of months and those of you who have been following the earlier posts are probably thinking the car has been running for a number of months and I’ve not posted because I’ve been enjoying it too much! I wish this was the

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